DITO objectives

Objective 1: Best-practice open digital health

A key objective of this project is to develop, prove and document processes and best practices which enable sustainable, joined-up and safe systems suitable to support a modern digital healthcare system. An open approach will be taken to all aspects of this projects and assets developed in the open.

These values are described as:

The process is designed for the NHS although will be broadly applicable to any public administration UK and global.

Objective 2: Digital application to evidence the process

To prove the processes developed, a digital clinical application will be developed alongside the overall objective. A nursing observation application (eObs) has been selected as the test case for this project as the technical and clinical partners are already familiar with the problem space and have worked together on existing prototype.

A fit-for-purpose eObs application provides an essential support system to reduce deterioration of patients and inform the rapid response processes.