Public Money, Public Code

Given this project is significantly funded by public money (around 70%), the #DITO team have committed to ensure that all assets and deliverables generated through the project are available to the public.

This includes documentation, working out, software & code, designs and strategy.

An Open Digital Approach

Introduced in the Open Digital Approach for the NHS paper (published Autumn 2018), the approach to the project is open and transparent. This aligns with the policies laid out by the UK Government and NHS England. How these connect policies with practice is covered in the paper.

Developing In The Open

Developing In The Open is essential to create sustainable technology for healthcare.

Open Platforms

An Open Platform enables portablility of applications and a sustainable support ecosystem, with nothing out of reach from the customer.

Collaborative design

Connecting the users with the developers and designers reduces the risk of requirement whispers and ensures suitability of developed applications.